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Small draft angle production for high-end eco-friendly molded fiber packaging.
0 degree draft angle. Corner radius ≧0.5mm. High positioning accuracy. Equipped with cold press. High-quality, smooth and flat on both internal and external surface of the product.

Fast speed. High precision. Easy control.
Fully servo drive with high positioning accuracy. Production movement fast and stable.

Energy-efficient and high capacity. Small occupied area.
Suction and hot press transfer both driven by servo motor which benefits on energy saving. Daily capacity : 600~900 kg/day (Varies depending on the product type). Occupy 25.5 square meters only.

Simple maintenance
Equipped with auto oil adding system. Pipeline arrangement compact and organized. Maintenance process clear and simple. Each area has equipped with corresponding channel and gate to facilitate the repair and maintenance work.

Safe and easy to operate
The program is equipped with interlocking and alarm system on the safety doors. Easy to operate and maintain with fully automatic PLC control screen.

Application Industrial packaging, living goods packaging
Machine Size L7,500*W3,400*H6,100mm
Machine Weight 23 tons
Platen Size L1,260*W960mm
Maximum Product Height 130 mm
Maximum Hot Press Clamping Force 40 tons
Platen Parallelism Flatness Specification ≦0.35 mm
PLC and Software Siemens or equivalent, programs can be modified by remote modules
Upgraded Safety Features Safety relay and emergency stop button
Suction/Hot Press Dynamic Mode Servo motor hydraulic drive, 21.5kW+18.2kW
Hot Press Drive Mode Servo motor drive, 3.5kW
Total Rated Power 145kW
UPH ≈ 3,600 pcs (Earbud tray:80 sec cycle time, 80 cavities)

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