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Deluxe Technology is steadfastly committed to "greening the world" by replacing disposable plastics with sustainable plant fibers.

"Deluxe," conveys the meaning of "exquisite" and "luxurious."
Founder and Chairman Jason Lai, chose the name "Deluxe" with the aspiration that the Deluxe team would develop and manufacture the most luxurious and refined products in the molded fiber packaging industry.

The idea to change the world emerged from ingesting unintentionally toxic substances.

Over 20 years ago, during a meal outside of the home, Deluxe Technology's founder and Chairman Jason Lai, encountered a startling scene. He discovered that the hot rice in his meal had caused the polystyrene, commonly known as Styrofoam, lunchbox to melt and form small indentations. Witnessing this alarming scene and delving deeper into the phenomenon, Chairman Lai discovered that polystyrene releases toxic substances when exposed to high temperatures! What might seem like harmless delicacies with every bite actually concealed a hidden health crisis.

In his pursuit to eliminate the harm caused by plastics, Chairman Lai pondered over potential solutions. He drew inspiration from traditional markets, particularly the practice of using lotus leaves to wrap pork for sale by meat vendors. This sparked the idea of using "plant fibers" such as wood, bamboo, and sugarcane as natural materials to make non-toxic food containers. Besides effectively eliminating toxic substances during the dining process, these containers would naturally decompose in the environment after use, embodying the sustainable concept of "Extracted from the Earth, assimilated easily back into the Earth." This approach reflects a commitment to safeguarding the health of both humanity and the planet!

The Rise of Plant Fibers: From Food Containers to Consumer Packaging

With a commitment to sustainability, Chairman Lai, an expert in mechanics and an outstanding inventor, started from scratch by developing equipment and tooling. In the year 2000, in China, where the country was grappling with the crisis of "white pollution" caused by the proliferation of Styrofoam products, the ban on these white foamed plastic lunchboxes provided a platform for plant fibers to make their debut. Unfortunately, plant fibers couldn't withstand the competitive advantage of the low-cost plastic products, struggling to gain a foothold in the market.

However, as the global warming crisis drew nearer, countries began to pay increasing attention to the issue of plastic pollution. In 2002, Taiwan announced a phased ban on plastic bags and disposable tableware. This policy shift led to a surge in orders for food containers, including bowls, buffet plates, lunchboxes, and more. With this policy change, the era of plant fiber food containers was set in motion!

During that time, as food containers were just beginning to make their mark, a renowned multinational consumer electronics brand recognized the advantages of plant fibers. They proactively inquired whether Deluxe could use plant fibers to create cushioning materials for their electronic products. This marked the opportunity and starting point for venturing into the international consumer packaging market. Within a mere three months, Chairman Lai successfully completed rigorous electronic consumer product packaging tests, which were markedly different from those of food containers. With its remarkable rigidity and exceptional buffering capacity, the plant fiber solution gained the brand's favor. This success extended plant fibers to the consumer electronics industry, subsequently influencing numerous international electronics giants to gradually replace their packaging materials, setting off a wave of "plastic revolution."

Calling upon more green partners to join the ranks of Earth caretakers!

In 2022, under the leadership of Chairman Lai, Deluxe Technology established its group headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. Rooted in Taiwan yet with a global perspective, the company expanded its mission of "greening the world" to encompass the entire globe.

Beyond material selection, Deluxe Technology has independently developed highly efficient equipment and precision tooling, allowing for a competitive edge in terms of pricing. By establishing a global market presence, the company aims to integrate partners from the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors of the plant fiber industry, creating a "green industry chain." This not only serves as a prime solution for a journey towards a green and sustainable world, but also invites like-minded partners from both domestic and international arenas to form the "Deluxe Green Plant Fiber Alliance." Together, they replicate successful models, replacing single-use plastics with plant fibers, striving to green the world and co-create a brighter future, initiating aims to leave future generations with a pure and healthy living environment.

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