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The Milestone of Plastic Reduction! The "Global Plastic Treaty" is on its way!

The Milestone of Plastic Reduction! The

Nowadays, the environmental damage from plastics has been a transnational threat to the Earth. Therefore, international consensus and cooperation are essential to improve the current situation and reduce plastic pollution. As the most influential organization in the world, the United Nations (UN) passed a historic resolution about plastics at the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA 5.2), held at the beginning of 2022 in Kenya.

The Milestone of Plastic Reduction! The

The First Legally Binding Plastic Treaty in History!

Representatives from 175 countries participated in the three-day UNEA 5.2 meeting to be held in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, at the end of February 2022. They had discussions on various environmental issues and passed up to fourteen resolutions. To mitigate the long-term impact caused by plastic on the Earth, one of these resolutions was to formulate the first formal and legally binding "Global Plastic Treaty" in history on March 2, 2022. It is expected to complete the formulation of the convention in 2024 to implement this global plastic control.

As the most significant international pact after the "Paris Agreement," the "Global Plastic Treaty" demands that countries and global companies lower plastic usage and stop using disposable plastic products. Furthermore, it also proposes that it is necessary to establish a standard for the entire life cycle of plastic products. According to the statics, people produce 400 million kilograms of plastic trash annually, and with no improvement, the number will become 1.1 billion in 2050! Therefore, the resolution made at this moment is undoubtedly a significant breakthrough for the plastic reduction movement and the necessary legal measure to require all countries to fight the plastic crisis jointly.


The Milestone of Plastic Reduction! The

The Impact of the Treaty

Although the Global Plastic Treaty is still a hot topic, it has already greatly influenced the world. For example, not only the multinational food corporations like Pepsi and Nestle gradually replace disposable plastics with recyclable packaging materials, but investors have also taken ESG performance as a vital factor of enterprise evaluation. Moreover, the petrochemical industry actively develops the possibility of industrial transformation. Those phenomena show that global citizens attach great importance to plastic reduction and put it into practice!

The Milestone of Plastic Reduction! The

We can't eliminate plastic pollution only with the written Treaty; however, it certainly shows the right way to get rid of plastics in the future. Most importantly, we must develop our environmental awareness and proactively say no to plastic products because the law is just the lowest limit. Hence, combine the strength of all, and let's step forwards on the road to a plastic-free world!

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