Delivering Green
to the world

We are creating new possibilities for the molded pulp industry in an Earth-friendly way.

Environmental MoldedPulp Product Packaging

The choice of molded pulp products does not require changes in consumers’ habit. Being green is simple like this.

100% Recyclable Packaging
Deluxe values recycling of resources and environmental protection, which is why it cuts the use of plastics, reduces energy consumption and sewage disposal.
Since 1999, Deluxe has worked with its clients in producing more than 200,000 tons of molded pulp products to replace plastic ones, successfully reducing the pollution to Earth.
Our molded pulp products are made of eco-friendly pulps that come from agricultural wastes, such as straws. The amount of pulp we have produced by recycling equals to that from 1 million trees.

Eco-friendly Sustainable Development

Inheritance & Innovation, Production & Protection
To be the Most Valuable, Sustainable and Green Enterprise

Our technical team have enlisted all kinds of elites in fields of material, science and technology, design, manufacturing, packaging and printing, in order to enrich our professional experience in the industry and carry on researches and revolution on the basis of our technology of pulp molding.

  • Focusing on researches and development related to molded pulp, boasting a number of patents
  • Developing and producing paper molds, designing and producing manufacturing equipment
  • Integrating resources and providing clients with integrated solution plans
  • Mastering the core technology which only reeuqires environmental materials
  • Promoting environment protection, corporate responsibility and product sustainability
  • Composing a layout with upstream and downstream integration

A Total solution for Eco-friendly life.

We integrate all-round resources with environmental-friendly technologies in order to provide our clients with the most forward-looking environmental products, molds and intelligent manufacturing equipment.